My name is Francis Yanga. My mission is to help business leaders and entrepreneurs monetize ideas through web and mobile technology.

In 2015 I predicted that by 2020 most people will have to become entrepreneurs or adopt an entrepreneur mindset. It looks like my prediction is turning out to be correct. Today, having the ability to think like an entrepreneur in a corporate setting is what many business leaders are looking for.

I’ve been a tech entrepreneur for over 10 years. Throughout the years, I’ve learned many valuable lessons on starting businesses, creating products and adapting to new technologies. I’m very passionate about is helping others grow and achieve success, and this is the platform that I will use to accomplish that.

You will find articles, products, tips & advice, uncut interviews, app reviews, podcasts, and more. You can also subscribe to my exclusive newsletter. I will do my best to deliver great tips and content to help you with your business.

Francis Yanga is the CEO of Red Square Labs and Citruvio Communications. Both located in London Ontario Canada. Red Square Labs is a tech agency and has developed platforms such as Small Business On-Demand, CrowdMaestro, FoodGrads, JitsPass, and GorillaChoke.

Citruvio Communications is a tech company with a focus on creating innovative communications tools for the healthcare sector. Citruvio developed a secure messaging app called “PageMe“. A secure mobile communication app for healthcare professionals.

Francis Yanga - Tech Entrepreneur